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Winter term starts tomorrow.  I will be taking twelve credits, writing for the school paper, and trying to start a home cooking business.  Some combination of my father’s always-be-prepared advice and many years in the restaurant business have trained me to prepare for the busy times as if I am going into battle — or … Continue reading


Family Recipe

Family Recipe 2 tbs extra virgin olive oil 5 oz pancetta, diced 1 cup chopped onion 1/4 cup carrot, small dice 1/2 cup celery, small dice 1 anchovy chopped fine, or 1.5 tbs anchovy paste 1 lb ground meat (I usually mix ground beef, pork and veal, but you can use any meat – chicken, … Continue reading

Shepherd’s Pie

As winter sets in officially here in Portland, and the grill is officially covered for the season, I begin to look forward to the one-pot dishes and stews – to the savory and comforting aromas that accompany some of my family’s favorite seasonal meals.  For simplicity’s sake, shepherd’s pie can’t be beat. I initially started … Continue reading

Kitchen Quickstep

tango sensual duets in which men and women embrace in a danced representation of male-female seduction As a young girl, I fantasized about glamorous things.  I laugh now when I think about how silly these dreams were.  Unattainable aspirations, the visions of a teenager imagining what life would look like when Johnny Depp would saunter … Continue reading